TB28 Pipe Bending Machine



  • Hydraulic
  • Battery powered
  • Bending angle 90º
  • From 10 mm to 28 mm pipe
  • Torsion markings stamped to the bending moulds
  • Bending package includes all the necessary tools for bending
  • Quick assembly and dismantling
  • 6000 kg hydraulic propulsion force
  • TB28 rotates 360 degrees on its base
  • Quick release bending moulds make work easier

Battery powered, hydraulically operated pipe bending machine, which is suitable for bending steel pipes. The machine can bend pipes up to a 90 degree angle and achieve difficult cornering combinations quickly with different molds. The pipe bending work can be carried out directly at the installation site.

The machine can be used to make an extension connector for the so-called connector throw. The pipe bending machine can also bend steel pipes used in heating networks. You can also make so-called flyover, which is needed when crossing trunk lines.