TB35 Pipe Bending Machine



  • Hydraulic
  • Battery powered
  • Bending angle 180º
  • Up to 35mm pipe
Please remember to select 
mold sets 


The mobile machine is easy to carry to the sites. This means that the installers no longer have to run back and forth between the installation site and the bending machine, as they can do everything in one place.

battery powered

The battery is designed to last for 30 bendings at maximum pipe size, or several days of use on smaller pipes. The machines use standard Makita batteries which are available anywhere. 


Bending can be stopped and continued, the machine does not automatically return to starting position during bending. Exact automatic stopping system repeats the same bend every time.


Manual control unit
• Easy to define the angle with no programming

Manual angle view
• The angle can be viewed during bending

Rotates 360 degrees on its base
• Excellent usability in narrow spaces and when working with large pipes

technical specs 

• Weight 28 kg
• Bending capacity 12*1 – 35*3 HST / Fe52
• Bending angle max 180 degrees
• Rotation speed 90o / 20s
• Automatic stopping system
• Battery voltage 18 VDC
• Mould materials aluminium when D ≤ D28 mm and steel when D ≥ 30 mm
• Transport case dimensions w 746 x d 463 x h 450 mm

mold sets

You can bend pipes of different thicknesses by using exchangeable mold sets. Changing a mold set is quick and does not require any tools. 
If you already have a Premeka pipe bending machine and want to 
order more mold sets, please
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Please select and add the mold sets you need to your shopping cart from the table below.
MoldWall thicknessPriceSelect
12 mm R=3xD (R=36 mm) mold set1,5-2,5 mm289 
15 mm R=2,5xD (R37,5 mm) mold set1,5-2 mm289 
15 mm R=3xD (R45 mm) mold set1,5-2 mm289 
16 mm R=2,5xD (R40 mm) mold set1,5-3 mm289 
16 mm R=3xD (R48 mm) mold set1,5-3 mm289 
18 mm R=2.5xD (R=45 mm) mold set1,5-3 mm324 
18 mm R=3xD (R=54 mm) mold set1,5-3 mm324 
20 mm R=3xD (R=60 mm) mold set1,5-3 mm324 
22 mm R=2.5xD (R=55 mm) mold set2,5-3 mm347 
22 mm R=3xD (R=66 mm) mold set2,5-3 mm347 
25 mm R=2.5xD (R=62.5 mm) mold set2,5-3 mm405 
25 mm R=3xD (R=75 mm) mold set2,5-3 mm405 
28 mm R=2.5xD (R=70 mm) mold set2-3 mm350 
28 mm R=3xD (R=84 mm) mold set2-3 mm405 
30 mm R=3xD (R=90 mm) mold set2,5-4 mm440 
35 mm R=3xD (R=105 mm) mold set2,5-3 mm450 
DN10 R=3xD (R=54 mm) mold set1,6-2,3 mm324 
DN15 R=3xD (R=66 mm) mold set1,6-2,6 mm324 
DN20 R=3xD (R=80 mm) mold set2,6-3,2 mm402 
DN20 R=3xD (R=80 mm) mold set for thin wall2,0-2,6 mm564 
DN25 R=3xD (R=100 mm) mold set for thin wall2,0-2,6 mm690 
DN25 R=3xD (R=100 mm) mold set2,6-3,2 mm450